These prints were published by the Ministry of the Environment in the early 1980's in conjunction with the publishing of Liz Bryant's book, "BC This Favored Land". Jack painted 40 watercolour originals depicting the birds and animals best known to the people of British Columbia. The Provincial Government purchased the 40 original paintings and the publishing rights for a series of limited edition prints that were produced by the Ministry of the Environment to raise funds for projects. In any limited edition, the artist is given 10% of the edition in the form of Artists Proofs and 5% to be designated as remarque's. Jack chose not to do anything with his prints while the Ministry was offering theirs for sale so they were kept in storage all these years. He did sell the odd one on request from friends and clients and offered them as prizes for golf tournaments or fund raisers.

Many of the prints that we have left, are not signed or numbered although we know from our records what the numbers are. It is the signature that is important and because it isn't available, we will not sell them as a limited numbered print. They are, however, a beautiful representation of Jack's unique talent and his dedication to detail and authenticity and will make a beautiful addition to your home or office. They are printed on a good museum quality paper and can be purchased framed or unframed. Each print is 10" X 15" and the framed size is 20" x 17 1/2".

Please keep in mind we do not have more than 10 of any one print and many of them have already sold out.

PRICE: $500.00 unframed and $750.00 framed.
Taxes and shipping are extra.